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Taking the RUFF out of Finding YOU The Perfect Dog...

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Find your furry best friend with ease at Paws from Afar Dog Rescue! Our concierge service, backed by 20 years of tail-wagging expertise, does all the heavy lifting for you. We sniff out the perfect pooch that fits your life and style, making the journey to pet parenthood a walk in the park. Say goodbye to endless searching and hello to your new playful pal, handpicked just for you!

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PAWS FROM AFAR: Dog Concierge

At Paws From Afar Rescue, a 501c3, New England foster-based dog rescue, where the wagging tails meet their happy tales! Our mission is a joyful one: to sprinkle a little magic in matching rescue dogs with their perfect human buddies. Think of us as your personal doggy matchmakers, using our super-sniffing skills to find the paw-fect match based on our fun-filled, yet detailed application. We believe every woof and wag has a story, and we're here to ensure it's a happy one. Our commitment? To turn the adoption process into an adventure of love, laughs, and licks, creating unbreakable bonds and unforgettable memories. With us, it's not just about finding a home, it's about creating a fur-ever friendship. Let's embark on this tail-wagging journey together!

Some of Our Amazing Dogs that Found Their Forever Homes!

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